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The S. D. James Evangelistic Pentecostal Association Inc. and The Evangelistic Pentecostal Churches Worldwide Inc.


A Holy Nation
  In recent years God has added many hearers to the Word of this Endtime Ministry. And yet, believing, they may know very little about the work. So let me give you a short overview of the various ministries God has entrusted to us, and a glimpse at my calling and development.
  At the end of World War II, while in my primacy, the anointing of Jesus Christ came upon me enabling me to read and understand the scriptures and to minister the same. The Lord used my mother to deliver me from the attack of a serpent who was sent to stop this Vessel of Witness. And so, I continued to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God. Having been called to preach, I began public ministry in the summer of 1949 in revival at the Church of God in Christ which was then located on Emerson Street in Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A. With the prayerful encouragement of my mother, Mrs. Ethel Thompson James, and Elder Abraham I. J. Swanson, I embarked upon a lifetime journey to bring the lost to Jesus Christ whatever the cost.
  Times were very difficult in those days. Neighborhoods were intentionally divided along racial lines by railroad tracks, wooded areas, unspoken street zoning codes, segregated public transportation to jobs, business, downtown shopping, and to other city areas sometimes required several blocks of walking to reach a bus stop. Blacks automatically moved to the back of buses when a 'white' person boarded. Drivers and, at times, a sheriff's deputy, a policeman, or detective could be anybody who felt threatened by 'Negroes'.  Equality in education was not guaranteed by law until 1954. So, many people, just to survive, handpicked cotton, shelled peas and beans, and chopped corn in season with their school age children from 'sunup' to 'sundown'. One did well to earn $3 to $5 per day from the backbreaking, hot, snake-laden, mosquito infested work. A man was fortunate to be a school teacher, chauffeur for the rich, custodian, cab driver, or railroad employee.
  Women mostly taught school (if so learned) and worked as house maids and 'nannies' as did my mother.  The Church was the clue and the burden bearer of the community. It was THE PLACE to bring Zion's songs from the fields and kitchens to the Throne of God. Frustrations, racial abuse, and community violence brought on by poverty and overworked families gave way to the Joy that only the Holy Ghost could bring! An old bass drum, cymbals, wooden blocks, 'scrub boards' with coat hangers, tambourines and (at larger churches) a used piano or Hammond Organ were the instruments in the hands of the saints that gave rhythm to the soul and made it easier for the anointing to take God's preachers to a higher level of Spiritual ecstasy. We sang, prayed, testified, danced, preached, and tarried (calling on the name of Jesus) until the Holy Ghost came down. Once on the altar, the saints would stay with you all night, if necessary, until the initial tongues were clearly spoken. WHAT A TIME!
  Such was an experience with me and other young folk under Elders Betty Wheeler, Marvin Coleman, Alberta Payne, Prince F. L. Davis, and others.  I traveled as child Evangelist the next few years from cities in the South as far as Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio. I preached in little churches, big churches, store fronts, on porches and street corners - wherever people would listen. Unknowing to me or my parents, this tedious work was destroying my young developing tonsils and eyes. With the launching of Sputnik by the Russians, I began to focus on world issues in 1955. In 1956, I began my prayerful and personal support of the (then very young) Civil Rights Movement. As a minister and student, I participated in church rallies, street marches, capitol crusades, boycotted public buses, and rode in station wagons or on bicycles to church and places of business.    It was in these formative years that I first saw clearly the need for a truly nondenominational, non-prejudiced, ALL-NATION, FULL-BODY MINISTRY OF JESUS CHRIST.
  Over nearly 30 years in tents, the staff and I have braced several major thunderstorms, a tornado strike in Athens; Texas, a tornado touchdown in Rockingham and the Salisbury, North Carolina athletic stadium, a one half mile wide storm at the Fort Pierce, Florida Fairgrounds, and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Trucks and trailers have flipped over, caught on fire on the highways and broke down miles away from help. We were in peril at Israel's Allenby Crossing, jailed for the Gospel in Pensacola, Florida and other places, suffered toxic gas poisoning at Indiantown, Florida, and overcame a 'spirit' war en route to Boston, Massachusetts. I was questioned by Richard Nixon's Secret Service Agents for prophecies in Havana, Florida. I was attacked by Hindu spirits in Trinidad, and have known of assassinations of government officials in various countries who supported the VISION. Hurricane Opal skirted Jerusalem Campground in October 1995 and a tornado struck in June 1997.
  From Los Angeles, California to New York City, from Phoenix, Arizona to Denver, Colorado; from Boston, Massachusetts to Arouca, Trinidad, the staff and I have carried His name. Many thousands have been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in pools, lakes, mud holes, rivers, tubs, oceans and seas. Through it all, WE LIFT UP JESUS WITHOUT FEAR OR COMPROMISE!! We have made it thus far and you are reading this as a testimony.
  Called and Anointed to the Apostleship in Terrell, Texas under the old Big Top Canvas Tent, I was used to bring great outpouring among the Churches of God in Christ, Full Gospel Groups, Apostolics, United Pentecostal Churches, and the Unsaved in Temple, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Silisbee, Bryan, Athens, Cameron, Hearne, Jasper, Houston, Newton, Beaumont, Corpus Christie, Livingston, Port Arthur, Orange Camden, Lufkin, Greenville, Crockett, Madisonville, and Cities and States beyond. From Texas to Akron, Dayton, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; To Chicago, Illinois; To Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee; To Louisville, Kentucky; To Baton Rouge, Fayetteville, Morgan City, Ferriday, Bogalusa and Alexandria, Louisiana; To Jackson, Yazoo City, Collins and Newton, Mississippi; Mobile, Citronelle, Saraland, Greenville, Opp, Andalusia, Tarentum, Brundidge, Troy, Montgomery, Milbrook, Wetumpka, Tallassee, Florala, Monroeville, Bessemer, Tuscaloosa, Brent, Centreville, Prattville, Dothan, Ozark, Abbeville, Eufaula, Selma, Union Town and Marion, Alabama; To Washington, D.C.; To Pennsylvania; To Virginia; To Atlanta, La Grange, Portal, Decatur, Statesboro, Swainsboro and other cities in Georgia; To Miami, Opa Locka, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Belle Glade, Clewiston, South Bay, Lake Placid, Sebring, Tampa, Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Haines City, Riviera Beach, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Okeechobee, Merritt Island, Melbourne, Cocoa, Orlando, Winter Garden, Eatonville, Pahokee, Ocala, Gainesville, Starke, Hawthorne, Waldo, Jacksonville, Marietta, DeFuniak Springs, Pensacola, Milton, Altamonte Springs, Lakeland, Sandford, Lake City, Sebring, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, LaBelle and other cities in Florida. From our first open-air Bahamas International Crusade at Windsor Park in 1973 to our present global outreach, Jesus has always anointed and embraced the services. He has opened blinded eyes, unstopped ears, dissolved tumors and cancers, delivered from demon possession, raised the dead and saved thousands of souls right before our eyes. SURELY, GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!
  We have established churches in several countries, preached and carried pilgrims throughout all Israel, Greece, Turkey, France, Jordan, England, Italy, Holland, Egypt, Canada, USA, West Indies and even the Isle of Patmos. Missionaries have also been sent to Mexico, Africa, Central and South America.
  Our youth Ministry reaches thousands of children worldwide bringing deliverance from drugs, alcohol, homosexuality and other negative habits.  Jerusalem Campground is being continuously expanded to provide a Godly place of refuge from the eminent scourge of the beast, relief for victims of hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, and a safe harbor for the soul.  Every dollar given to us is used for the up building of the Kingdom of God.

I honestly believe that Our Lord has given us some of the most caring, loving, saved and sanctified people in the world.

Blessings On You,
Apostle S. D. James

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