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Value Statement

The International Nursing Guild is a recognized and respected leader for quality and flexibility in the delivery of basic healthcare services and education that helps to prepare its members to provide quality

Mission of the ING

The International Nursing Guild (ING) as an Auxiliary of the S.D. James Evangelistic Association, Inc. and its Evangelistic Pentecostal Churches Worldwide, Inc. (EPC) is comprised of individuals from a network of Evangelistic Pentecostal Churches in the United States and Worldwide.  The ING, being international in scope, will provide a variety of educational programs to a diverse body of EPC members in traditional, nontraditional and emerging electronic formats.  Programs will be supported by Registered, Licensed, and Certified Individuals for the purpose of fostering optimal health and Godly lifestyles.  ING has a dedicated Executive Board and staff who promote discovery and exploration of knowledge and its application to life-long health through effective teaching, service, creative partnerships, prayer, and above all, unwavering
faith in Jesus Christ, the One True God.

" He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." -Psalms 107:20

Functions & Responsibilities

  1. Provides restoration, deliverance, healing and/or cure to the body as a special arm of the local church.

  2. Provides excellent and exceptional basic medical and healthcare for God's people.

  3. Cares for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the total man.

  4. Provides classes on CPR, basic first-aid, herbs, etc., to enhance health, healing, and physical safety of the saints.

  5. Conducts workshops and other programs that promote good health and/or prevent diseases and sickness.

  6. Serves the Raphael Ministry at every church service ready to provide the needed service(s) when required.

  7. Collaborates with other auxiliaries in visiting the sick and the shut-in.


ING Jehovah Rapha_edited_edited.png

  1. Aid in the wellbeing of the saints of God, physically, mentally, naturally, and spiritually.

  2. Be available to the Spirit of God to be used to minister to saints to meet their physical, spiritual, health and/or bodily needs.

  3. Promote united within the Body of Christ.

  4. Expose the body of Christ to the healing virtues of Christ.

  5. Become more familiar with herbs, vitamins and the effects of medicine.

  6. Be keenly aware and sensitive to the needs of the saints.

  7. Provide nourishment and protection to the body.

  8. Educate the Body of Christ to different avenues of wellness (stress management, dieting, rest, herbs, vitamins, etc.).

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