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Mission of the JMB

The mission of the Junior Mother's Board is to enrich the lives of young girls during their most critical time of development by molding, mentoring and teaching them how to become young ladies of standard; possessing values and Christian character; such morals which are evident to their peers, community and other young ladies of excellence.




  • Teach young girls principles of a Christian life

  • Address real issues young girls face (at age appropriate levels) with Christian guidance as to how to handle; to include direction on the consequences of certain actions. These areas include but are not limited to:

    • Peer Pressure

    • Drugs

      • Self Esteem & Confidence

      • Sex & Sexuality

      • Love & Relationships (Dating)

      • Roles of Women vs. Men

      • Social Media and Networking

  • Engage and build relationship with Mothers Board; receive guidance and support from Godly women with wisdom.

  • Increase the exposure and appreciation of young women for the arts, music and other cultures, gained through various interactive activities and field trips.

  • Reinforce the importance of educational excellence and provide assistance with college preparation:

    • Guidance on curriculum selection at each grade level  

    • Standardized Testing assistance

    • Facilitate academic assistance in local assembly and community

      • Tutoring for challenging course material

      • Touring of University Campuses

    • Career and College preparation

    • Evaluation and reward process for quarterly assessment success

      • Assist with areas needing improvement

  • Bolster the parental foundation of young girls’ anatomical & physiological knowledge:

    • Grooming

    • Puberty

      • Menstrual Cycle

      • Physical & Emotional changes

  • Promote healthier family bonds by instructing young ladies on how to respectfully deal with family issues and communicate with parents and siblings.

  • Develop financial literacy and fundamental value of money:

    • Money Management and Spending

    • Financial Responsibility

    • Personal Banking

    • Benefits/Dangers of Credit

    • Collegiate Funding/Scholarships

    • Savings & Investing

  • Strengthen and develop individual self-worth, confidence and leadership skills:

    • Personal Success/Goals

    • Self-Confidence

    • Skills

      • Communication – verbal and non verbal

      • Public Speaking

      • Critical Reasoning and Judgement

      • Sound Decision Making

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Personal Responsibility

    • Leading vs. Following

    • Friendships

  • Build and prepare young ladies professionally with knowledge and standards:

    • Resumes

    • Interviewing Techniques

    • Career Development

    • Roberts Rules of Order

  • Celebrate major milestones:                    

    • Graduation Receptions

    • Academic Achievement Recognition

    • Recreational Activities

    • Girls Day Out

Goals & Objectives

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. 
Proverbs 22:6
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